A Global Phenomenon

Worldwide, people are choosing more consciously

Sustainability is not a movement emerging just in specific geographies or cultures — luxury shoppers globally are choosing to act more sustainably in their shopping behavior. But the picture is not uniform, it’s nuanced, with certain brands resonating in some countries and huge growth across the Conscious proposition in other places.

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Conscious countries mapped

Explore the world to see where growth in sustainable shopping is happening fastest and which brands are gaining success in those places.

YoY growth in Conscious GMV 2019/2020 by country
Source: FARFETCH marketplace sales data


Asian countries are demonstrating a forward-thinking approach to Conscious brands, often adopting emerging labels before the rest of the world

66% more of Asia’s GMV comes from emerging Conscious brands vs the rest of the world. Asia also over-indexes in Conscious jewelry and watch sales.

Source: FARFETCH marketplace sales data
Top emerging brands by YoY growth in Conscious GMV 2019/2020 in Asia


GMV +720% YoY

Georgian designer Anouki Areshidze reimagines feminine tailoring using materials such as vegan leather.


GMV +235% YoY

Emily Bode creates menswear using traditional techniques and antique textiles to transform utilitarian silhouettes into something very new.

Chopova Lowena

GMV +209% YoY

Craft techniques are employed to bring new life to deadstock materials and folkloric fabrics for this cutting-edge brand.

By Walid

GMV +61% YoY

The British label upcycles antique fabrics for new use, from 19th century Chinese silk to vintage linen.
By Walid shirt and trousers
Anouki dress
Chopova Lowena dress
Bode collection

Growth of Conscious shopping is strong across the major luxury markets. Mexico saw the most spectacular growth

This is likely due to a growing middle class, increasing adoption of e-commerce associated with deeper broadband penetration and a few conscious brands that have resonated very well in Mexico, such as Veja.

Source: FARFETCH marketplace sales data
Top 3 countries YoY Conscious Growth (2019 vs 2020)

#1 Mexico

GMV +341% YoY

#2 Germany

GMV +191% YoY

#3 China

GMV +188% YoY

China 17% YoYUSA 17% YoYHong Kong 9% YoYRest of the world


In pre-owned, the top 3 markets drove 43% of sales

Pre-owned market share by GMV 2020
Source: FARFETCH internal data

Whilst we see the largest acceleration of growth in a diverse set of markets

Source: FARFETCH internal data
YoY growth in pre-owned GMV 2019/2020

#1 Saudi Arabia

GMV +227% YoY

#2 Switzerland

GMV +208% YoY

#3 Japan

GMV +202% YoY

Future Insight: Climate
Collina Strada trousers

Climate change is a truly global issue and one that affects every nation on Earth. Conversely, every nation on Earth and the businesses that operate within them can effect positive change regarding the issue

At FARFETCH, we see a shift to low-impact products as key to luxury fashion’s role in reducing global warming. To that end the Fashion Pact, of which FARFETCH is a signatory, is committed to combining efforts across its 60+ signatories to hit multiple targets, that include transitioning 25% of key materials to lower climate impact sources by 2025. Acting individually, FARFETCH expects to become climate positive by 2030, achieving net-zero emissions by reducing our footprint in line with science-based targets, offsetting unavoidable emissions, and supporting our wider value chain (outside of our footprint boundary) to achieve additional carbon reductions.