Closing The Circle

Circular services that extend the life of fashion are resonating

Amongst customers, there is an increasing understanding of the sustainable benefits of extending the life of their fashion items to reduce the number of pieces that end up in landfill. Covid-19 restrictions globally have given people more time to clear out their wardrobes, which we believe has contributed to the growth in use of circular services.

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Second Life

Second Life is FARFETCH’s resale service for luxury handbags, which by the end of 2020 had expanded to 30 countries across North America and Europe. It allows customers to sell bags to earn FARFETCH credit

Second Life YoY growth 2019/20

Amount of Credit generated

+527% YoY

Number of bags sold by customers

+348% YoY

Uplift in Average Order Value


As against the AOV of non-Second Life customers in 2020, AOV refers to purchases using Second Life creditSource: FARFETCH Second Life internal data
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Pre-owned Louis Vuitton x Supreme backpack
24% Shoes6% Accessories33% Bags31% Clothing

A third of Second Life customers use their credit to purchase another bag

Source: FARFETCH marketplace sales data

Luxury’s most iconic brands are where many Second Life customers spend their credit

Top brands on which Second Life credit was spent in 2020

Source: FARFETCH marketplace sales data
Gucci shirt, bag and skirt
#1 Gucci
Saint Laurent blazer, jeans and bag
#2 Saint Laurent
Prada collection
#3 Prada
I was so excited when I saw Second Life for the first time. I think it’s the future of fashion. We should all be reselling our incredible pieces.

Anonymous Second Life customer feedback


FARFETCH Donate is a service that allows users to raise money for their favourite charity and earn FARFETCH credit, by donating clothes they no longer wear

FARFETCH Donate YoY growth 2019/2020

Items donated in 2020


Increase in number of donations

+662% YoY

Number of charities supported in 2020


Throughout 2020 FARFETCH Donate was a UK-only pilot.
Source: FARFETCH Donate internal data
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FARFETCH Donate donated items
FARFETCH Donate donated items
FARFETCH Donate donated items
FARFETCH Donate donated items
Future Insight: Circularity
FARFETCH Fix: Valentino shoes

FARFETCH believes in the importance of breaking fashion’s traditional linear narrative of buy, use, damage and dispose, replacing it with a story that is more circular

To increase the lifespan of luxury fashion pieces, we believe that repair services will increasingly play a key role. FARFETCH Fix was introduced in February 2021 to enable our customers to repair and restore their favourite shoes, handbags and leather goods to their former glory. By restoring an item, the owner can not only continue to love and use it, but also help to retain its value. Ultimately this means one fewer luxury item disposed of unnecessarily, with the environmental consequences that may bring.