How a new, social-savvy generation of parents may be shaping luxury kidswear

Explore Nine Key Stories

From 'Mini-me' to the emergence of 'Kidfluencer' culture, many of the trends that appear to be influencing luxury kidswear today sprung up on social media. What can FARFETCH data tell us about consumer and industry involvement in these?

New-Gen Parents

A cohort of millennial parents seems to be a new driving force in luxury kidswear consumption.

Kidfluencers & Sharenting

Two very modern social phenomena that are influencing how parents shop.


It's the social media trend that began in China and went global. Here's how one FARFETCH customer does it.

Pandemic Shopping

Covid-19 seems to have changed the way kidswear consumers are shopping. What can FARFETCH data tell us about that change?

Covid Trends

The pandemic may have created a remarkable sales period for baby items and outerwear. Find out more.

The Big Events

Eid and Children's Day have become kidswear boom periods in specific regions. Here's the data.

Kids Streetwear

Streetwear for kids is on the rise at FARFETCH. Here's what our data tells us about its success.

FARFETCH Kids Turns Five

The numbers and story behind the first five years of kidswear on FARFETCH.

What's Next?

Where does FARFETCH believe that luxury kidswear is heading? We talk to two figures of authority to find out.

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